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Solution Transport Solution
The transport solution is a mobile neonatal monitoring unit and an important part of neonatal emergency medicine.
Solution for infant intensive transport system is a mobile neonatal intensive care unit. Taking comfort and convenience as the main design concept, while maintaining a constant temperature, it provides a more convenient transfer operation process and creates a comfortable transfer environment.
Multiple Power Supply
Split Screen Display
Double Wall Hood
Monitoring Function
Two Temperature
Control Modes
Split Screen Display
With split screen display of temperature, box temperature, skin temperature, battery status, etc.
Electric Ambulance Trolley
The easy-to-operate lifting panel, electric lifting, reduce the bumps in the transportation of critically ill children
Auxiliary Track
Easy to get in and out of the ambulance, even a nurse can do it alone
Double Wall Hood
Double wall hood, imported plexiglass, 360° transparent and visible, with side door
  • Optional Configure Ventilator
    Provide breathing assistance support, integrated air compressor
  • Optional Configure Monitor
    Monitor infant physiological parameters
  • Optional Configure Portable
    DC Low Pressure Suction
    Suck baby mucus
  • Optional Configure Syringe Pump
    Realize high-precision, smooth and pulsation-free liquid injection
  • Optional Configure Respiratory Humidifier
    Increase air source humidity
  • Optional Configure Tray
    Place instruments or objects
  • Optional Configure number of batteries
    Increase power supply time
application Context of Use
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