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YP-3000 Infant Incubator

YP-3000 is a unique multifunctional infant incubator, which can quickly switch the dual working mode of the incubator and the warming platform, providing a stable and continuous warm environment for the baby.

Dual Modes
360° Both-Side Rotating Bassinet
LCD Screen
Panel Damping System
Air Circulation
Panel Damping System The panel has built-in damping, and the door will automatically fall slowly and quietly after being opened and released, without the need for hands.
360° Both-Side Rotating Bassinet It is helpful for the operator to view the baby from different angles, which greatly reduces the interference to the newborn. Use decompression waterproof mattress to improve the comfort of children and protect the integrity of the skin.
LCD Screen Adopt a true color 8-inch color LCD touch screen, large characters, eye-catching display, clear and easy to operate from three meters away.
Air Circulation Adopt a more scientific air circulation system with front and rear air outlet and left and right return air. Avoid rapid temperature drop when opening the door, and reduce the interference to the baby. Dual Modes The dual working mode of the incubator and the warming station can be quickly switched. With two independent heating and thermal regulation systems.
  • Guide Rail Dovetail guide rail column
  • Curve display Curve display function with data storage
  • Vertical Height Adjustable Automatic height adjustment
  • Self-Check and Alarm Multiple fault alarm prompts
  • X-Ray X-ray cassette placed under the bed
  • RS-232 With data communication function
  • Adjustable angle The inclination of the bassinet is stepless adjustable
  • Optional configuration Weighing system, Monitor shelf and Disposable skin temperature sensor, Observation lamp, SpO2
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