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YP-90 Series
YP-90AC Infant Incubator

YP-90AC is a simple infant incubator, which adopts an integral heat storage aluminum tank design structure to provide babies with a stable, comfortable and warm growth environment.

· Two control modes
Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer
· Split screen display
Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature are displayed separately
· Humidity control
Humidity concentration control system
· Adjustable angle
Inclination of bassinet is adjustable
· Multiple failure alarm
Multiple failure alarm indications
· RS-232
RS-232 connector for data output
· Oxygen input
Oxygen input interface
· Air filter system
Get filtration of most common dust in the air circulation and easy to replace
· Low noise
Low noise DC motor
· Optional configuration
"> 37°C" temperature override mode function, VHA stand, weighing system, Neonate Bilirubin Phototherapy Equipment model XHZ-90L with blue LED as upper light source and disposable skin temperature sensor, SpO2
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