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Solution Transport Solution
The transport solution is a mobile neonatal monitoring unit and an important part of neonatal emergency medicine.
Solution for infant in-hospital transport system is a mobile neonatal monitoring unit. It takes comfort and convenience as the main design concept. While keeping the temperature constant, it creates a comfortable transport environment for the short-distance transport of newborns in the hospital.
Metal-Free Structure
Stable Oxygen Supply
Metal-Free Structure
The unique metal-free structure ensures that children can receive MRI, CT and X-ray imaging and other related examinations in the environment where the device is insulated
Visible Cabinet
Visible cabinet, convenient for nursing staff to check the condition of the child at any time on the way
Stable Oxygen Supply
Equipped with oxygen cylinder and oxygen pressure reducer, stable and constant pressure output oxygen
Stable power supply for air compressor
Medical Air Compressor
With dynamic pressure detection, cumulative time display, precision two-stage filtration. Provide purified air source for children CPAP non-invasive ventilator, air-oxygen mixer, ventilator and anesthesia machine.
  • Flexible configuration
    Flexible combination of devices according to customer needs
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