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YP-500A Infant Incubator

YP-500A is a multifunctional infant incubator. Taking comfort and convenience as the main design concept, it provides a simpler operation process while maintaining a constant temperature.

Two Control Modes
Split screen display
Masimo monitoring function
PID algorithm
Two-side phototherapy units
Masimo Pulse oximetry monitoring function (optional)
The sensitivity of screening for severe congenital heart disease (CCHD) can be increased to 93%; can significantly reduce the incidence of severe retinopathy (ROP) in premature infants; with 3% false alarms and 5% false alarms
PID algorithm
The core temperature control algorithm is upgraded to effectively reduce the temperature fluctuation and make the temperature of the bed more uniform
Double side phototherapy treatment function
Effectively enhance the intensity of phototherapy and shorten the treatment time
Weighing system (optional)
Built-in weighing system, convenient to measure the weight of children, and monitorthe trends of weight changes
  • Split screen display set temperature, air temperature and skin temperature
  • Adjustable angle Inclination of the bassinet is adjustable steplessly for clinical care
  • Over-temperature protection system Independent over-temperature protection system, multiple failure alarm indications to provide multiple safety protection
  • Dovetail shape column Dovetail shape column from both sides for installing more medical devices
  • Low noise Frequency conversion DC motor effectively reduces the noise in the cabin
  • Optional configuration SpO2 pulse oximetry monitoring device, weighing system, VHAStand
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