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YP-2200B Infant Incubator

YP-2200B is a multifunctional infant incubator. Taking comfort and convenience as the main design concept, it provides a simpler operation process while maintaining a constant temperature.

LCD screen
Three temperature control modes
Camera (optional)
Filtering device
Built-in filtering device can effectively filter more than 99% of dust, creating an antibacterial environment in the incubator
Water tank
The front drawer-type water tank can be taken out by medical staff as a whole to clean and disinfect without dead ends.
Adjustable angle
The angle of the bassinet can be adjusted through the touch screen and support one-key leveling
Rotatable screen
The external color touch screen is 360° rotatable
Large-capacity storage space
The large-capacity swivel storage drawer is ergonomic, and the external storage basket can properly accommodate cables and other accessories.
  • Dual-screen display External 12.1-inch TFT color touch screen + built-in 5.6-inch color LCD screen
  • Temperature control modes Air mode,baby mode, kangaroo mode
  • Weighing system (optional) Built-in weighing system, convenient to measure the weight of children and monitor the weight trend changes.
  • Camera (optional) Capable of carrying out local imaging and video recording convenient for clinical review.
  • Foldable tray Foldable tray for easy storage without disassembling.
  • Panel damping system (optional) Panel damping system, panels fall silently without holding
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