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YP-2100B Infant Incubator

YP-2100B is a multifunctional infant incubator. Taking comfort and convenience as the main design concept, it provides a simpler operation process while maintaining a constant temperature.

PID Algorithm
Three temperature control modes
Electric control bassinet
PID Algorithm The updated PID core algorithm makes the temperature fluctuation in the incubator more stable.
Humidification water bag Equipped with an external humidification water bag to reduce contact with external air, and use high-temperature steam humidification to inhibit the growth of bacteria and greatly reduce the risk of infection.
Monitoring Module It can effectively eliminate movement interference and improve the measurement performance under low perfusion and body movement states.
The first domestic kangaroo mode Effectively maintaining the temperature in the incubator, supporting kangaroostyle care, reducing parents' anxiety, and facilitating newborns' physical and mental development. User-friendly design Pressure-relief anti-decubitus mattress is made of TPU material, which is antibacterial and waterproof, soft and breathable, caring for the tender skin of newborns.
  • Over-temperature protection Independent over-temperature protection system and timely activation of sound-light alarms, providing multiple safety protections.
  • Low noise Using brushless DC motor, effectively reducing the noise in the incubator
  • Adjustable height The height of the whole machine can be adjusted to meet the operations of medical staff with different heights.
  • Filtering device Built-in filtering device can effectively filter more than 99% of dust, creating an antibacterial environment in the incubator
  • Panel damping system (optional) The panel damping system ensures the door panel to fall down in silence without handling.
  • Storage space The two-way pull-out storage drawer can accommodate a variety of small medical devices.
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