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YP-2500B Infant Incubator

Based on traditional changes, we have developed the world's first incubator that can realize "rooming-in". 

The health care from "four-leaf clover" focuses on the blooming little life with heart.

It provides a high-quality clinical care environment and makes the doctor-patient relationship more intimate!

German Red Dot Award Winner.

Temperature control modes
PID Algorithm
Electric control bassinet
World's first "rooming in" incubator Establishing "mother-infant skin contact" as soon as possible can greatly make closer the parent-child relationship.
Removable handstand Removable nursing handstand, with ergonomic and thoughtful design, can meet any nursing posture, convenient for medical staff to carry out long-term nursing operations on children.
Self-cleaning mode The humidification water tank made of Teflon material, combined with the self-cleaning and self-disinfection mode, saves more maintenance costs.
Low noise Using brushless DC motor, effectively reducing the noise in the incubator Adjustable height The height is independently and freely adjustable, and it can quickly rise with one button to deal with emergency conditions.
  • LCD touch screen 12.1-inch LCD color touch screen can be rotated left and right and turned up and down at multiple angles.
  • Over-temperature protection The independent over-temperature protection system has a variety of fault sound-light alarm prompts, providing multiple safety protection.
  • Pressure-relief mattress Pressure-relief anti-decubitus mattress made of TPU materials is antibacterial, waterproof, soft and breathable.
  • Unique design Unique suspended baby cabin design, with super high lift travel (600 mm) and one-button lift, can adapt to any height of sickbed.
  • Semi-brake casters The semi-brake locks the rear casters, allowing medical staff to move quickly over short distances.
  • Panel damping system The panel damping system ensures the door panel to fall down in silence without handling.
  • Weighing system (optional) Built-in weighing system, easy to measure the weight of children and monitor the weight trend changes.
  • Camera (optional) With the built-in camera, even when the hood cover is closed, image shooting and video recording of the child treatment can be conducted in a timely manner.
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